Mission, Vision and Values

Dunn educates students to their highest potential in preparation for a life of learning and responsible leadership in society.

Our graduates are adaptive learners, moral citizens, clear thinkers and creative doers. They leave Dunn with more than the foundation for their own success. They carry with them the confidence and vision to improve their world. 

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At Dunn School everything we do is considered part of our curriculum.  As a college-prep school, we offer a broad program of rigorous academics, and we also value hands-on learning outside the classroom.

That's why Dunn students take part in community service, global travel, student leadership, outdoor adventures, student entrepreneurship, and creative projects from songwriting to ceramics. It's  all designed to prepare students to lead a full and exciting life.

Our Commitment

At Dunn, in every grade level and in everything we do, we commit to the well-rounded development of our students. We are each more than the sum of our academic work. It may seem like a contradiction, but at Dunn, we prize our individuality and our community alike. You simply won't find a teaching faculty more passionate about teaching their subject and also more invested in helping every student connect to their own talents and passions.

We live and learn by embracing shared core values of emotional wellness, physical readiness, academic excellence, social responsibility and moral courage.  And, we back up our commitment with:

  • Partnership with a trained and dedicated advisor
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio and class size
  • Structured daily study time
  • Learning strategies support
  • Abundant leadership opportunities    
  • Broad and deep athletics and arts programs
  • Thoughtful residential living curriculum
  • Dozens of enrichment activities and clubs

Your Commitment  

Coming to Dunn School is a big commitment for both the student and the student's family.  It is a commitment to the mission and core values of the school; a commitment to being a member of the Dunn community.  We commit to this partnership with a complete dedication of our time, talents and resources.  We hope that you are able and willing to do the same!

For more information on Dunn School's mission, you can download a copy of our current Strategic Plan