Quick Facts

Dunn is a small, college-prep private school for grades 6-12 in Los Olivos, California - 30 minutes from Santa Barbara. Our strong community, caring faculty and engaging classes create a magical environment for students.


Boarding and Day

  • Dunn offers a boarding option starting in 8th grade.
  • Transportation provided A.M. and P.M. from Santa Barbara 

College Counseling

  • 100% of students are admitted to selective 4-year universities
  • Comprehensive college counseling program, starting in grade 9
  • Workshops, college application panels, visits and college campus tours

Learning Beyond the Classroom

  • Service.  Community service traditions like Day of Caring.
  • Passport.  Three international trips each year.
  • Innovation. Lean LaunchPad elective class for rapid start-ups.
  • Outdoors. Wilderness trips build students' self-confidence.
Advisor System

  • Maximum 7 students per advisor, matched by shared interests
  • Advisees meet six times per week with their advisor
  • Advisors serve as advocates and mentors for students

Learning Strategies Program

  • Nationally-acclaimed program, established over 25 years ago
  • Students have personalized sessions with a Learning Strategies teacher
  • Develops organizational skills, time management and study skills
  • Up to 25% of student body may enroll


Student Body

Upper School

  • Typically 170 students

Middle School

  • Typically 60 students

Faculty and Staff

  • 31 teaching faculty
  • 5 learning strategies faculty
  • 97 employees in total


Upper School

  • 58 college prep core courses and electives
  • Seminar-style teaching and learning
  • 15 A.P. and 7 honors courses

Middle School

  • Core: math, science, social studies, language arts, and foreign language
  • Extensive arts and enrichment courses
  • Hands on and workshop-style teaching and learning


  • Participation required for all students
  • Focus on teamwork, discipline and lifelong fitness