Welcome to Middle School

Dunn's middle school offers 6th - 8th grade students an education unparalleled in engaging the mind, body and spirit.

In history classes and language arts, students learn the crafts of the historian and the writer from the inside out through reenactments, role playing and storytelling.

Math classes regularly relate problems to real life experience, thereby teaching students how to apply what they have learned in addition to knowing fundamental skills. 

In science classes, students frequently design and conduct their own experiments, thus gaining a true sense of what scientists actually do. 

And Dunn's unique enrichment electives give students dozens of ways to try something new, spark a passion, and stretch their comfort zone.

School festivals bring everyone together and give students a fun way to show what they've learned. Favorite festivals include the East Meets West Festival, Mythology Festival, Science Fair, Astronomy Night, Math Olympics, and Greek Festival.