Welcome to Dunn Upper School

Dunn teachers are dedicated not just to their academic specialty, but to guiding teenagers toward their highest potential.


Students learn with the future in mind. In classes, students practice and strengthen key skills essential for college and modern careers - creativity, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, problem solving, innovation, global perspectives, and creating and applying ethical frameworks.

Students enroll in at least five core college-prep academic classes each semester.  Dunn’s graduation requirements ensure that every student is well prepared for rigorous, college-level work in any field of study.


Graduation Requirements

  • Math- 3 years to include Algebra 2 or Math 2 Honors
  • English- 4 years
  • Science- 3 years to include Chemistry and Biology
  • History- 3 years to include World History and U.S. History
  • Foreign Language - 2 years of one language 
  • Fine/Performing Arts- 1 year to include one year-long course