8th Grade Boarding

Dunn welcomes bright and adventurous 8th grade students to make Dunn your "home away from home" by joining our 8th grade boarding program.


We strive to create a family atmosphere based on respect for one's self and others. Students live, learn, and grow together with guidance and supervision from dedicated teachers and staff. Our 8th grade boarders reside on campus in a welcoming community.

An adult is present at all times to engage students in conversations, answer questions, resolve issues and provide guidance on numerous topics. Kindness, civility and respect for others are unwavering expectations.

We take pride in the experience, reputation and caring approach we offer.


8th Grade Boarders at Dunn Middle School

Our 8th grade boarders are full-fledge members of the Dunn middle school community, participating in all student academic and extracurricular programming. In addition, weekends at Dunn are filled with activities and are a time for a relaxed and fun community experience. Students sign up for trips and activities early in the week.

The 8th Grade Residential Life Director works with students, teachers, and other residential faculty to schedule a variety of activities on and off campus that span a wide range of interests and take advantage of Dunn’s proximity to Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as the scenic natural areas of the central coast of California.

In addition to the numerous activities both on and off campus, weekends include Sunday study hall, as well as a thorough dorm and room cleanup on Sunday evening.

Dunn's 8th grade boarders participate in at least one team sport each year. We field teams in volleyball, basketball, tennis and co-ed baseball. We hold practices each day, Monday through Thursday, during the regular academic day and compete with local public and private schools on weekday afternoons and evenings. 


International Boarders 

Our international 8th grade boarders are integrated into the entire Dunn experience. The program ensures that students progress academically while they acquire proficiency in English. Classes emphasize grammar, composition, speaking, and listening skills, as well as reading comprehension.

We strive to have students participate fully in the mainstream curriculum when their language skills are established. This foundation prepares them for a successful transition into the 9th grade at Dunn School.

The international program director, Dr. Elizabeth Morrison, has taught English as a Second Language for more than 10 years in a wide variety of contexts, including university intensive English programs, community education, language school, and private settings, both domestically and overseas.

We support international 8th grade students in all aspects of their immigration documentation and travel arrangements. Families of our 8th grade international students must designate an adult in the USA to act as a guardian in the event of an emergency and to provide lodging during the school breaks.

Throughout the year, numerous social and cultural events celebrate our diverse community. Dunn encourages families to invite boarding students home for the day or weekend to promote community and to allow boarding students to share in a family experience.

How to Apply

To apply for the 8th grade boarding program, please complete the application for Upper School students. This application can be accessed by clicking the link "Start your Application" on the left-hand column of this page.