Travel and Events

You're invited to join us in a location near you. If you can attend a meeting with an admission representative, you'll find it's a convenient and helpful way to learn about Dunn's programs and ask questions. We hope you can join us.

Please contact the admission office for details on any of these events, and to schedule a personal meeting. (805) 686-0643 or

September 24
Marin, CA Marin school fair at Marin Catholic School
October 10-11 Pasadena, CA Mayfield School fair
October 23 - 27 San Francisco, CA  
October 24 Santa Barbara, CA Crane School fair

Other U.S.A. Locations
September 19 - 22 Chicago, IL SSATB conference
September 24-28 New England Fay School, Fessenden School, Hillside School, Cardigan Mtn. School
September 27 Seattle, WA  
October 8 - 11 Colorado Graland School fair
November 1 - 3 Las Vegas, NV Alexander Dawson fair
October 16 - 22 Saudi Arabia Aramco fairs
November 4 - 15 Germany