Tuition Information

Dunn's tuition is set annually. Each year, Dunn also reserves a generous need-based financial-aid budget to help families from many backgrounds make Dunn a realistic choice. We encourage families to ask about financial aid.


Tuition for School Year 2014-15:

  • $49,900 Comprehensive Boarding Tuition (grades 8-12)
  • $22,900 Comprehensive Upper School (grades 9-12) Day Tuition
  • $19,100 Comprehensive Middle School (grades 6-8) Day Tuition

Dunn's tuition fee includes annual tuition, text books, classroom supplies, room and board (boarding students), annual outdoor trips, certain academic field trips, on-campus guest speakers, college counseling, dining hall services, basic health office services, and many other enrichment items. 

 Additional or Optional Fees

  • $16,500 Upper School Full-Time Learning Strategies Program
  • $8,500 Upper School Learning Strategies Executive Program
  •  $6,600 Middle School Group Learning Strategies
  • $2,500 International Student Fee
  • $6,600 Multi-lingual Support Program
  • $2,500 Required Incidental Deposit*

Payment Plans

To make payment of tuition as convenient as possible for our families, Dunn has two payment plan options:

  1. Payment in full prior to August 1.
  2. 10 monthly payments to Tuition Management Systems (Deferral fees and tuition insurance required).