Why Dunn School

Dunn prepares students to rise to any occasion.

It's not uncommon to hear a student remark, "I've never felt so much support from teachers who believe in me." Above all else, our families agree Dunn provides:

1. Great character and life-long confidence.

At Dunn, each student is known and valued. They will take risks, try new things, and stretch their abilities. We give students a family-like atmosphere not to make things easy, but to coax them outside their comfort zone, where huge growth occurs.

2. Engaging classes that inspire joy in learning.

Classes average just 11 students, so every child participates. Teachers design lessons for interaction, discussion and hands-on engagement. In every course, teachers bring the subject to life, and students rise to new levels of mastery.

3. Hands-on experiences that build resilience.

Experiential learning in every grade complements our college-prep academics. The courage, tenacity and teamwork that students learn on wilderness treks, lengthy bike rides, internships, and community service trips becomes fortitude for life.

This is the transformative Dunn experience. We see the outcome every day in our intellectually-vibrant, happy students, well-prepared to shape fulfilling lives.


But don't take our word for it. We encourage you to talk with Dunn parents and students about why they chose Dunn, and why they'd make the same choice again. Please watch this video to learn more.

Dunn makes learning so interesting and relevant, it changes how you approach the rest of your life. I've made a career of following my passions.

Yoky Matsuoka, Dunn alum & MacArthur "Genius" Fellow. Former Chief Innovation Officer at Google.