Alumni Association

A new Dunn School Alumni Association has been formed.  The development process for the Alumni Association began during the 2011-12 academic year and was finalized in October.  The Alumni Board, who will oversee the functioning of the Association is comprised of:  Chris Wesselman ’65, Ralph Lowe ’70, Guy Walker ’76, Arisa Wolf ’02, Divo Denove ’98, Christy Davidge ’98, and Whitney Holmes ’05 – thank you to all who dedicated time and energy during the initial stages of this process.

During the first meeting of the Board, Arisa Wolf was ratified as the Board President, and Guy Walker as the Vice President. We thank them both for the willingness to shepherd the Board through the upcoming year.  Any alums who are interested in joining the Board should contact either Arisa or Guy to explore the possibilities.


The Dunn School Alumni Association’s mission is to foster ongoing relationships between the alumni, the school, and the greater community.  The strength of the alumni association will be demonstrated by the giving of time, expertise, and resources.


  1. Foster and maintain an active and supportive alumni body.
  2. Help identify, select and develop alumni leaders. 
  3. Enhance effective communication with the School. 
  4. Advance alumni understanding and support (both financial and non-financial) of the School. 
  5. Contribute to the School’s effort in the areas of recruiting and community outreach in order to support and enrich the alumni and the Dunn community. 
  6. Promote the mission of Dunn School and support the initiatives of the School as determined by the Head of School and the Board of Trustees.
Dunn School Alumni Board Constitution and Bylaws