Middle School Arts and Enrichment


The arts and enrichment curriculum at Dunn Middle School is unsurpassed by other private and public schools. Each day at DMS, students of all grade levels have the opportunity to receive instruction in visual and performing arts as well as unique craft courses. Students have a wide spectrum of classes designed to expose them to a variety of passions, to build life skills, and to stretch their comfort zones.

Music, Art & Drama


A main focus in the enrichment classes is the exposure and development of students to the arts. Music classes allow students to learn the basics of reading music, understanding rhythm, and developing skills on traditional band instruments as well as percussion and guitar. Art classes are varied in their approach, and include foundational art classes, sketching, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, 3D arts, ceramics and photography. Drama classes are critical to life at Dunn, equipping students with tools to develop their acting, personal, and public speaking skills.

Other Enrichment Experiences

Other enrichment experiences are designed to encourage students to develop their creative, moral, and problem-solving faculties. Research shows that arts and enrichment education improves academic performance in math and language skills, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Some of the enrichment classes offered at DMS include:

  • cooking
  • ceramics
  • sewing or knitting
  • woodworking
  • drafting
  • intro to drawing
  • drama 
  • digital photography 
  • gardening
  • videography
  • whittling 
  • mural painting
  • paper crafts
  • rug making 
  • print design
  • bird watching 
  • kite design
  • landscape painting 
  • cartooning
  • puppetry
  • quilting 
  • sign language
  • furniture restoration
  • robotics 

Children, like animals, use all their senses to discover the world.

Eudora Welty