Earwig Café and Store

The Earwig Café


Created and run by students, the Earwig Café is more than just a place to study with friends or get a snack. Student "employees" learn how to run a successful business and all profits are invested by students and used to fund a student scholarship. Serving things like hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and coffee drinks, the café also hosts the occasional open mic night. During fiscal year 2011-2012, the Earwig Café raised $20,000 in profit that was donated to the student-run Earwig Foundation to support financial aid for Dunn students. Makes that latte even more worthwhile!

The Student Store

Dunn School 200.jpg

The Student Store carries everything from school supplies to shampoo and toothpaste to Dunn School logo wear. Stop in for a set of pom poms to cheer on the football team, some laundry detergent or a tube of Cremo shaving cream, the super-slick, foamless shaving cream designed by Dunn alum Mike Boone. Students may also arrange to have laundry or dry cleaning sent out through the Student Store. Purchases made at the Earwig Cafe or the Student Store are charged to students' incidental accounts.

Los Olivos Grocery.jpg

Los Olivos Grocery

Just across the road from Dunn School's upper campus is the Los Olivos Grocery. A gourmet market that includes a deli and café, LOG also carries a few household items, food and personal care products, many geared toward boarding students. Students may visit Los Olivos Grocery during their free time, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.