2012-13 Dunn School Fund Honor Roll


 On behalf of all the students, faculty and staff who benefit from your contributions, we thank you for your support of Dunn School!

Aesthetics Montecito
All Sports Fitness
Claudia and Willis, Jr. “Bill” Allen ‘64
Allure Salon
Alpaugh Foundation
Tracy Angel and Rudy Alvaro
Allie and Ken Andersen
Andrew Murray Vineyards
Anonymous Alumni
Anonymous Parents
Beverly and Philip Arnautou
Whitney and Philip Arnautou
Au Bon Climat Winery
Avant Tapas and Wine
Helena Avery
Brendan Baca
Christina and Philip Bailey
Julie Baker
Cassandre Ballieau ‘04
Jill and Ed Banman
Kimberly and David Barenborg
Frank Barwah ‘87
Lorraine and Philip Battaglia
Maura and Mike Beck
Kia and Chris Beckert
Beckmen Vineyards
Lisa Bell and Tim Williard
Jill and Ryan Bell
Mary Bianco
Ginny and Tim Bliss
Mike Boone ‘79
Sharlene and Robert Britz
Christina Broccoli
Dana and Albert R. Broccoli Charitable Foundation
Cindy and Adam Bronfman
Brophy Bros.
Jessie Brumfiel and Aaron Dorlarque
Matthew Burns
Heather Banta Callow ‘99
Victoria Campbell
Jennifer and Bill Cannon
Missy Collins Capone ‘80
Aimee and Pat Carroll
Pilar Caso
Catalyst Prep LLC
Cathy and Chris Catani
Champagne Boutique & Spa
Hilary and Chris Chapman
Susan and Jim Chomeau
Soo Zane Lee and Mong Nyul Chung
Cisco Systems Matching Gifts Program
Aya and Randy Clark ‘71
Norma and Robert Clark
Class of 1963
Chonita and Michael Cleary
Jim Clendenen
Morgan Clendenen
Helen and David Codron
Cold Heaven Cellars
Cold Iron Barbell
Michael Connors
Teri Cote
Margot Crowe
Alana and Jeff Cullington
Cunningham Parris Construction
Cheryl Czyz
Sue and Ted Dalzell
Larry Davanzo
Barbara and Dean Davidge
Christy Davidge ‘98
Sharon and Keith Dawson ‘67
Michelle and Jourdain de Werd
Dagny and Jim Dehlsen ‘85
Pam Delongpre
Destination Races LLC
Matthew Dewitt ‘81
Greg Donohugh ‘83
Ginny and John Donovan
Donut Time
Nancy and John Dorwin
Dos Carlitos Restaurant
Diana and Joe Dowling
Bill DuBois ‘80
Jeff Dunham
Lynn Shapiro and Michael Dunn
Amy and Harlan Dworsky
Sue and Lew Eisaguirre
Mary and Brian Ekiss
Jeanne Eliades
Ken Epsman
James Ettinger ‘84
Jacline and David Evered
Charles Fairbanks ‘64
Julie and Mason Farrell
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Ben Fischer ‘70
Laura and Kevin Fox
Herb Friedman ‘72
Yan Dong and Xiangdong Fu
Elisabeth Galvin
John Galvin
Jim Gaskin ‘71
Myrna and Roy Gaskin
Amy and Mark Geriak
James Gibbons
Global Gardens
Debbie Klein and Ron Gottlieb
Telicia and Forrest Grant
Kelly Gray
Wesley Hagen
Victoria Haines
Mel Hall-Crawford
Marjorie Haller
Brian Hamachek ‘04
Handley Cellars
Lucy and Tim Harrington
Janna and Jim Harris
Candice and Michael Hartmann
Inga and Patrick Hartmann
Elizabeth Shannon Hastings ’72 and Newlin Hastings
Charles Hatten ‘81
Henry W. Bull Foundation
David Hoffenberg
Denise and Tom Holmes
Whitney Holmes ‘05
Shannon Horn
Hotel Corque and Root 246
Jon Jen and Ching-Fang Hsu
Li Wang and Fu-Tai Hsu
Cynthia and Jim Hughes
Robert Hunter’62

Imagine Wine
Mary and CJ Jackson
Loreen and Dana Jackson ‘76
Ingrid and William Jackson ‘80
Melinda Jensen
Hayley Firestone Jessup ’77 and Doug Jessup
Lilian and Hongwen Jiang
Debbie and Randy Jones
Andi and George Kessel
Kay and Andy Knightley
Wen-Yi Wang and Ming Chuan Lai
Janet and Barry Lang
Anne and David Lawrence
Pam and Don Layton
Yee Wen Chen and Shu Fa Lee
Ann and Royce Lewellen
Salina Fang and Chun Li Lin
Ju-Hui Ko and Kuo-Chun Lin
Ralph Lowe ‘70
Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards
Laura and Marc Lunde
Peter Luttrell ‘92
Kathy and David Marshall
Eleanor and Mark Mascheroni
Pamela and Steven Mayer
David McCoy
Ann and John McGee
Jeanette and Jim McKibbin
Patricia and Richard Meyer
Barbara and Steven Meyer
Microsoft Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Eric Mims ‘88
Tammy Misner
Moca Foundation
Mojo Wines
Angela Bromstad and Matthew Moles
Elizabeth Morrison
Sandie and Chris Mullin
Mollie and Millard Murphy
Kristen and Andrew Murray
Rebecca and Jonathan Neeley
Christina Nelson
David Nelson
Nanette and Henry Nevins ‘68
Nielsen’s Building Materials
Nielsen’s Market
Olive House
Kevin Osburn
Rita and Doug Otto
Outpost Trading Company
Grace Pacheco
Shelly and Matt Pecot
Sherrie and Craig Petersen
Deborah and Jim Pugh
Amy and Matthew Ragen
Ranch and Reata Roadhouse
Margot and Mark Rawlins ‘67
Raytheon Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Trina Reddall ‘98
Elizabeth and Dan Reeves
Gabriel and Peter Renstrom
Liangbi Tang and Jim Rice
Debra and Merrill Riley
Nancy Roome
Laurie and Trevor Roots
Greg Rude ‘82
Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant
Tawny and Jerry Sanders
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
Santa Barbara Hotel Group
Alejandra Santos and Ulises Castaneda
Neil Sater
Jill Pettley Schafer ’77 and Chris Schafer
Larry Schaffer
Serendipity Photo
Stephanie and Ron Sherman
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Candice and Mark Signa
Julie and Nick Silvino
Kathy and Bob Simpson
Esther Sinclaire
Jon Sinclaire ‘72
Peter Sinclaire
Linda J. Smith
Solvang Bakery
Daisy and William Spurgin ‘65
Sarah and Chad Stacy
Cheryl and Charlie Stauffer
Theo Stephan
Jaimie Sanford and Ted Storey
Kelsey Sullivan ‘06
Sandy and Vince Sullivan
Mary Takacs
Melissa and Chris Tarafa
Nitsa and John Telesco
Tercero Wines
Anne and Bruce Thacher ‘73
Barbara Thibault
Kathy and Page Thibodeaux
Henry Tiffany
Tobi Travis
Sophia Ko and Gary Tseng
Kuang-Mei Hu and Wen Lung Tseng
Kristin and Chris Tyng
Gladdys Uribe ‘98
Elise and Rudi Van Enoo
Leslie Vincent
Peter Walford ‘75
Guy Walker ‘76
May Ola Walker
Meg and Jim Watson
Jeanette Webber
Pamela Webber
Clarisse Webster
Victoria and John Welisch ‘76
Robert Welsh
Nora and Peter Wendel
Chris Wesselman ‘65
Whale Beach Foundation
Pam and John Wieben
Geoffrey Wilcox ‘67
Stuart Winthrop
William Wishon ‘64
Brita and Tim Womack
Jiuyun Ding and John Yang
Nancy and Arn Youngman
Pei Jou Tang and Poachang Yu
Liana Zeynalova
Betsy and Chris Zikakis
Toby Zorthian ‘69
Sean Zou