Dunn provides personalized college counseling as part of your student's tuition, beginning as early as Freshman year.

Dunn's record is remarkable: year after year, 100% of seniors applying to 4-year colleges receive admission. 

Dunn's approach to college applications grows out of the personalized and mindful approach that flows throughout our community. The goal is to help your student find a college or university that is a good fit for his or her expectations, learning styles, and hopes for the future. The process intentionally puts the student in the drivers seat and expects them to take responsibility and accountability for the application process. Of course, the College Counselor is close at hand to provide help, encouragement, and prods along the way.

Throughout their four years at Dunn, the College Counselor works with students to identify their academic goals, personal passions, and possible pathways for the future. During their Junior year, the Counselor leads students in a process to explore colleges and narrow a list of possible schools where they want to apply—all in time for families to go visit the schools during the summer and fall of their senior years. The office also arranges for 60-70 college visits to campus each year so students have opportunities to hear about a wide range of schools.

College Acceptance 

What colleges accept our students? Download the complete list of recent acceptance and attendance.

The smart way to approach college is to find schools where you'll thrive.