The Fine Arts program includes both visual arts and performing arts, offering students a broad spectrum of courses for artistic development and expression.

Classroom instruction is designed to build intellectual, perceptual, and technical skills through inquiry, observation, problem solving, live performance, and analysis. The courses are structured to create a deeper understanding of the visual and performing arts and to develop critical thinking skills.  Students may take electives in the arts every year.  A selection of beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses is offered in each discipline.

Visual Arts Courses

  • Studio Art 1
  • Studio Art 2
  • Ceramics 1
  • Ceramics 2
  • Photography 1
  • Photography 2
  • Digital Film Making
  • AP Art


Performing Arts Courses

  • Acting
  • Applied Music Fundamentals
  • Applied Music: Guitar/Guitar
  • Ensemble 1
  • Ensemble 2
  • Vocal Ensemble