The Foreign Language Department favors a communicative approach with an emphasis on listening comprehension and speaking.

 The goal is to develop students into independent users of a foreign language and heighten their understanding of cultural differences. The honors classes place an additional emphasis on reading and writing in order to guide interested students toward the Advanced Placement exam.  While completion of the second level of the same language is required, a third and fourth year are strongly recommended and most Dunn students continue their study of a foreign language.


  •  Spanish 1
  •  Spanish 2
  •  Spanish 2 Honors
  •  Spanish 3
  •  Spanish 3 Honors
  •  Spanish 4
  •  Spanish 4 Honors
  •  AP Spanish Language
  •  French 1–3 (online)
  •  Mandarin 1–4 (online)
  •  AP Chinese (online)
  •  German 1 (online)
  •  Latin 1–2 (online