The Multilingual Support (MLS) class supports the academic learning of our students at Dunn for whom English is a second language. It also serves to help them integrate into the broader Dunn community.

This class allows students to develop English vocabulary and grammatical structures so that they can successfully communicate. Also, students develop literary and analytical skills, which enable them to be successful in future courses. Students also receive support for their other academic classes through MLS. Recognizing the need for time to process a new language, students enrolled in MLS will be granted extended time on assessments in their core classes.

Every week, we work to develop students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through the following rotating activities:

Listening: Students listen to English from native speakers via their teacher and other media. They also listen to English spoken by their peers. They must focus their attention on the speaker’s message in order to comprehend and produce a meaningful response.

Speaking: Students have the daily opportunity to practice speaking in structured conversations with their peers. Also, several projects require students to present information to the class using newly acquired English skills.

Reading: Students read a variety of modified texts, including reading from their other academic classes. Students learn various strategies to help them comprehend a text in their second language. They also learn analytical skills necessary to interpret both literature and images.

Writing: Students write on a daily basis, practicing the grammar structures and new vocabulary.