Eight out of ten (83%) families in 2016 said the value of a Dunn education is good or excellent for the price of tuition.

We work hard to keep the quality of education high while keeping tuition and fees as low as possible.

Tuition for School Year 2017-18

  •  $22,250 — Comprehensive Middle School (grades 6–8) Day Tuition
  •  $26,600 — Comprehensive Upper School (grades 9–12) Day Tuition
  •  $58,000 — Comprehensive Boarding (residential) Tuition (grades 8–12)


Dunn's tuition fee includes annual tuition, text books, classroom supplies, room and board (for residential students), annual outdoor trips, most academic field trips, on-campus guest speakers, college counseling, dining hall services, basic health office services, and many other enrichment programs.

Additional or Optional Fees

  •  $6,800 — Multi-lingual Support Program
  •  $6,800 — Middle School Group Learning Strategies
  •  $8,800 — Upper School Learning Strategies Executive Program
  •  $13,600 — Middle School Full-time Learning Strategies Program
  •  $17,000 — Upper School Full-time Learning Strategies Program
  •  $2,500 — International Student Fee
  •  Matriculation Deposit — 25% of total fees
  •  Deferral Fee — 5% of fees owed after August 1
  •  Tuition Insurance — 4.3% of tuition


Payment Plans

To make payment of tuition as convenient as possible, Dunn has two payment plan options:

  •  Payment in full prior to August 1.
  • 10-monthly payments to Tuition Management Systems (Deferral fees and tuition insurance required).