How to Apply: International Students.


Students from around the world are an important part of Dunn School. Our community includes students from 15 foreign countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. We work hard to provide a welcoming and engaging living environment for students from around the world. 

International applicants must have strong proficiency in the English language. If extra language support is needed upon arrival, we offer a multilingual support class as well as a residential ESL Summer Academy.

1. Application

Complete applications must be submitted by February 1 to be considered for our priority round of admissions. Notification of admission decisions occurs by March 10. Applications completed after that date will be considered in the order they are received.

You can apply directly online. We also accept the Secondary Schools Admission Testing (SSAT) and The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) common application.

2. Testing

All international students must take either the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) or the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE).  Please check the SSAT website to find the test centers in your country.  Non-native English speakers must take the TOEFL. (Applicants for the eighth grade boarding program may submit the TOEFL or the Junior TOEFL.)


3. Interview

International students are required to interview with an admission officer. We prefer a personal visit to our campus when school is in session, though we will consider a video conference interview once your application is complete and received by the Admission Office.  Please call our office to set up an interview at 805-686-4823.

Dunn School has partnered with Vericant to interview all Chinese applicants. All Chinese students applying to Dunn School are required to interview with a representative from Vericant. In addition to an interview, the company will conduct a writing sample with the applicant. Vericant does not evaluate the candidates but provides the interviews and writing samples for Dunn's Admission Office to review. To learn more about Vericant, please visit their Website.

4. Visa Information

When international students are accepted to Dunn School, we issue an I-20 visa after we receive the signed enrollment contract and the required deposit. We encourage families to designate an adult in the USA to act as a guardian for the student in the event of an emergency or to provide lodging during school breaks.



I chose to come to Dunn because I saw a lot of international students doing very well here, and they got into very good colleges. But most important was at Dunn, they all found their passion in life.

—S. Cho '12