Dunn's Admissions staff travels extensively around the world to meet prospective families and students to discuss how a Dunn education might be the right choice for your family.

Admissions representatives regularly travel throughout California, across the United States, and around the world to school fairs and other events to meet with families and students. Admissions officers also regularly meet with families via video conference to field questions and discuss Dunn.

On the Road

Are we coming to a city near you? If so, contact the office and schedule a personal appointment with an Admissions Representative.


California: Northern


Marin — September 18, Marin High School Fair
San Francisco
 — September 18-21, San Francisco & Marin School visits
Redwood City
 — October 1, Peninsula (South Bay) High School Fair
Walnut Creek
— October 17, Seven Hills School Fair

California: Southern

Orange County — October 12, Pegasus School Fair (Huntington Beach)
— October 4, Mayfield School Fair
— October 22, ABC School Fair
San Diego
 — October 15, AISAP San Diego School Fair



United States

Austin — October 4, Austin High School Fair
Denver — October 5, Aspen Academy School Fair & St. Anne's School Fair
— September 26-29, School Visits
Lake Tahoe — November 13, Lake Tahoe School Fair (Incline Village)
Las Vegas — October 20-21, Henderson School Fair (10/20), Alexander Dawson School Fair (10/21)
New Hampshire 
— September 26, Cardigan Mountain School Fair (Lebanon, NH)
New Orleans
— September 15, AISAP/ISAS Schools Educational Expo
— October 11, All Saints School Fair
 — October 15-17, Eastside Independent School Fair (10/15), Hamlin Robinson School Fair (10/16), Seattle Independent School Fair (10/17)


Eastern Asia: China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan — Oct. 8-25, School Fairs and Consultant Visits
 —November 5-13, Nottebohm Consultant Tour
Eastern Europe: Prague, Budapest, Bratislava 
— October 19-25), J&K Educational Consultant Tour
Finland — January 26-28, Universal Players School Fair
 — October 26-30, Educational Consultant visits in St. Petersburg/Moscow
United Kingdom: London — February 2-4, NABSW