Who is the perfect Dunn Student?  
Well, there's not just one type.

Students "find their fit" at Dunn School. Some students arrive with a firm understanding of who they are. They're creative, curious, adventurous and courageous—ready to explore life through new ideas and experiences.  Others are still in their shell, waiting to be awakened and needing to learn more about themselves, their abilities, and their place in the world. Each student is distinct, and their learning styles are unique.

In Dunn's small classes and caring community, each student is recognized for who they are. They are known by their teachers and advisor for their unique personality and ways of learning.

Diverse Backgrounds

Dunn attracts young people from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Our students come from all over California—from Los Angeles to Los Alamos, from San Francisco to Santa Ynez—and they come from across the nation and around the world (16 nations on five continents). Our students also bring a wide range of ethnic and national backgrounds and represent a broad socioeconomic spectrum, ranging from very affluent to very modest incomes. In fact, for nearly 70% of families, Dunn is their first experience with private education.

Diverse Interests

Student interests are as diverse as their backgrounds: they seek opportunities for intellectual challenge, artistic expression, athletic achievement, outdoor adventure, leadership among their peers, and social engagement. They are introverts and extroverts, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, quiet creatives and out-going athletes. Some are self-aware and others are still building self-confidence. They all are flourishing in some parts of life and still finding their way in others—as all young people do.

Diverse Futures

When students graduate from Dunn School, they mature into vastly diverse adults. For those who finish Middle School at Dunn, students are well prepared to enter the variety of schools available in the Valley—even though 80 percent of students choose to join Dunn's 9th grade in the Upper School.

Upper School graduates enter a wide range of colleges and universities that suit students' interests, desires and learning styles. Some students choose small liberal arts colleges while others head to large public universities. Some select subject-specific schools (like engineering or art) and some head abroad for international institutions. And some choose to take a gap year from one of many quality programs that offer such programming and opportunities. Our graduates go on to be entrepreneuers, educators, engineers, computer scientists, architects, fashion designers, professional artists ... the list goes on!

But don't take our word for it: come visit campus, meet our students and see for yourself. And explore whether Dunn is the right fit for your family.



Dunn’s faculty, students
and parents create a community that values integrity, respects other points of view, prizes intellectual growth, and celebrates the pursuit of individual passions.

— Mike Beck, Head of School