Annual Giving (FAQs)

If you would like to speak with a school official about supporting Dunn, please contact us at 805-686-0654. 

What is the Dunn Fund?

The Dunn Fund is the annual fundraising campaign that covers the School's expenses above and beyond what student tuition provides for. The monies raised for the Dunn Fund each year are applied to such areas as capital improvements, scholarships for deserving families, professional development for our teachers, enhancing technology, and special initiatives that improve the quality of education at Dunn. Gifts given for these purposes make an immediate impact and are used during the fiscal year in which they are given.  

What's the difference between an annual gift and a gift to a capital project or the endowment?

A capital gift goes toward projects like new buildings or other campus improvements. A gift to endowment provides a long-term investment in scholarships, faculty excellence, or other endowed funds. An annual gift (to the Dunn fund) goes to work immediately to provide for the personalized approach to education that makes Dunn School so special.

How much should I give?

We ask you to give as generously as you are able. Your gift, of any amount, makes a difference!

What area should I give to?

We urge you to consider a gift with "no strings attached." Such unrestricted donations give the leaders at Dunn the flexibility to address the most urgent funding priorities as needs arise. However, if you have a particular passion—such as academics, scholarships, athletics or the arts—then you may restrict your gift for a specific purpose.

Can I include Dunn in my estate plans or arrange another kind of planned gift?

Yes. Leaving Dunn in your estate plans benefits you and the school in many ways. We also can accept a number of planned gift instruments, such as charitable annuities, remainder trusts, etc. Please consult your estate advisor, or we can put you in touch with an independent advisor if needed. 

What are the tax benefits of giving to Dunn School?

Dunn School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, so any charitable gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Additional tax benefits may also be realized through gifts of stock, real estate or other assets. Please consult a tax professional for advice.

Will my gift be made public?

All donors are gratefully acknowledged in various ways, unless you want your gift to remain anonymous. Giving circles include:
$25,000+ Head of School
$10,000+ Dunn School
$5,000+ Red Barn   
$2,500+ Schoolhouse 
$1,000+ Crest   
> $999 Foundation   

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please call the Development Office at 805-686-0654 or email

To learn more, email or call our development office at 805-686-0654.