Thanks to the generosity of dedicated alumni, parents, and other supporters, Dunn is fortunate to have an endowment that is managed effectively for long term sustainability. It produces interest earnings each year that help fund the school’s operations or a stated purpose at the behest of the donor. Dunn's endowed funds include:

General Operations Fund

Established in 1989 with a pledge of $650,000 by George and Leanne Roberts, this endowment supports ongoing operating costs associated with curriculum and programs, athletics, technology, repairs, maintenance and operations.

Jackson and Luton Family Faculty Fund

Established in 1978, this endowment was created to ensure that Dunn School’s faculty have the resources to attend teaching conferences and workshops and offer the highest level of teaching in the classroom.

George and Leanne Roberts Scholarship Fund

Established in 1975, and bolstered significantly by a $350,000 gift by George and Leanne Roberts in 1988, this endowment ensures that future students will have an opportunity to attend Dunn School, through the awarding of full and partial scholarships.

Rowland and Sullivan Family African Scholarship Endowment

Established in 2014 with a $2 million gift by Wendy and Barry Rowland (grandparents of Kelsey ’06 and Sara ’09), the endowment provides $100,000 in day student scholarship for up to three qualified and deserving African students.

Nancy Ortiz Scholarship Endowment for Learning Strategies

Established on 2013 by Brett VanSteenwyk (parent of Emma VanSteenwyk ’13) and named after Learning Strategies specialist Nancy Ortiz, the endowment provides scholarships for students who qualify for the Learning Strategies Program and whose family qualifies for financial aid.

The Page & Otto Marx Endowment

Established in 2008, the Page & Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation established an endowment fund to provide scholarships for American minority students whose parents express interest in their children’s education by providing a part of the tuition expense themselves. This foundation’s $20,000 annual gift is a challenge and needs to be met by June 30 each year to keep the match alive.

Earwig Foundation Fund

This quasi-endowment was created in January 2011 by students in the School's entrepreneurship program. The Earwig Foundation is a student-managed account which invests net income annually from a student café. When the fund reaches $1 million, the funds (per Board discretion) will be allocated to student scholarship or the needs of the school.

Paul Overgaag Memorial Fund Merit Scholarship

This fund was established in 2005 by Eric Roberts, Stephane de Bord and Lucia Overgaag in memory of Paul Overgaag ’89 in order to keep Paul’s influence and memory alive at Dunn School. The fund makes awards in two areas that were important to Paul and his friends: The Dunn School Spelling Bee (Payout = $150 annually) and a Dunn School boarding scholarship.

Nancy Roome Endowment for Learning Skills

This fund was established in 2003 with gifts from students, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, trustees and friends of Dunn School to honor the commitment and contributions made by Nancy Roome during her career at Dunn School. The fund may make awards in four areas: financial aid to students in the Learning Skills program; professional growth and development of faculty; salaries of Learning Skills faculty members; and, outreach to other schools and educators.

To learn more, email or call our development office at 805-686-0654.


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