Leading Matters Campaign

Dunn School is working toward a bold vision: to redefine and be a leader in whole-student education. This vision requires new capacities for collaborative teaching and team-based learning for which our current campus buildings were not intended. For many years, we’ve re-purposed existing spaces to meet the changing needs of our teachers and students. But those spaces have reached their limits. The time is right to provide a new place for the future teaching and learning of whole-student education and leadership. 

Cindy Bronfman Leadership Center

In late 2018, Dunn School broke ground on the Cindy Bronfman Leadership Center, a new multipurpose facility that will be the hub of whole-student education and leadership at Dunn. Your support of this state-of-the-art facility—and the endowments that support its work—are critical to its completion. The center will include:

  •  Flexible spaces for modern teaching and learning
  •  An Innovation Lab for student collaboration
  •  The Earwig Café, the student-run snack bar that teaches business and entrepreneurship
  •  New College Counseling Center
  •  Large Alumni Hall for all-school meetings and presentations
  •  Student loft for quiet study and retreat
  •  Outdoor balcony with a view of the Santa Ynez Mountains
  •  Generous shaded spaces outdoors for reflection and relaxation

Sustainable by Design

The building is designed based on a “first principles” approach by taking full advantage of natural phenomena to achieve energy efficiency. The building will have three large wind chimneys to capture and funnel hot air out the top of the building. The floors will be exposed concrete, which will help cool the building naturally during warmer months, and large bay doors can be opened to allow the Valley breezes to cool the building even further.

Dunn School Cindy Bronfman Leadership Center California

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