In an effort to increase outreach and communication with Dunn alums, in 2016 the Board of Trustees activated its Alumni Committee and invited the previous Alumni Council to merge with this body. Today, Dunn Alums have a seat at the Trustees’ table and are a focus of the Board’s attention, resources and energy.

Today, the committee is reaching out to alums across Dunn’s 60-year history to reconnect and engage the Alumni Community in the life and future of the school. If one of the following committee members contacts you, be sure to return that message!

Alumni Committee

  •  Divo Denove ’98 (Trustee Chair)
  •  Whitney Arnantou (Alumni Parent ’14)
  •  Christy Davidge ’98
  •  Corey Evans ’93
  •  Jim Gaskin ’71
  •  Kenyatta Jones ’91
  •  Dick McKee ’65 
  •  Bruce Thacher ’73
  •  Gladdys Uribe ’98
  •  Guy Walker ’76
  •  Chris Wesselman ’65