Students Produce "Portraits of Kindness" for Syrian Children

For the second year in a row, Dunn's art students participated in the international Portraits of Kindness project that provides children experiencing extreme conditions—such as displacement, war, extreme poverty—with personal, portable portraits of themselves. This year's project benefitted children in a Syrian refugee camp. 

Last fall, Dunn students in Dania Carrasco's art class received photographs of children and selected the young people they wanted to draw. Then, they used the photos to learn how to draw portraits, which was a first for many of the students. 

Once the portraits were completed, they were sent back to the project organizers who travelled to the schools on the Syrian border to deliver the finished products. The organizers filmed their return and sent the video back to high school students who produced the portraits.

Click here to watch the video customized for Dunn School.

In typical Dunn fashion, Ms. Carrasco saw an opportunity to cross disciplinary lines with this project.

"Before the students started their portrait, we learned about the Syrian refugee camps and how the life of a refugee is affected by living in a refugee camp," she explains. "The project is important because connects Dunn students to the outside world. It gives them a perspective about their lives in reference to the world and what is going on right now."

"I think the best part is when the video from Memory Project came back and the students saw their artwork being appreciated," she continued. "It gives their art a sense of purpose. It comes full circle."


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