The arts are thriving at Dunn! Under the direction of expert faculty members, students over the past few years have won local, regional, and national competitions in photography, painting, sculpture, and music.

Portfolios and performances have served as credentials to earn scholarships to prestigious institutions where the visual and performing arts are emphasized.

Aside from these achievements, perhaps the true measure of success for the Dunn arts program is the focus on students discovering their creative instincts and latent talent. The realization of a young person that he can draw his own profile or that she has perfect pitch is the essence of self-discovery.

To ensure that each student has an opportunity to explore this aspect of their education, the Fine and Performing Arts Program at Dunn offers students a broad spectrum of artistic experiences and opportunities from saxophone to ceramics to digital film making. A selection of beginning, intermediate, and AP courses are offered in each discipline to accommodate and encourage all levels. Classroom instruction is designed to build intellectual, perceptual, and technical skills through inquiry, observation, problem solving, performance, and analysis. Courses are structured to create a deeper understanding of the visual and performing arts and to develop critical thinking skills.


My favorite class is Studio Art 2 because I get to do what I love and my teacher is a role model. She's very honest, which makes me get better at my artistic abilities.

—Student, '13