The athletic and physical education programs at the Middle School are built around a combination of competitive and non-competitive sports, along with challenging outdoor activities.

The Physical Education (P.E.) requirement is met through competitive team sports or through our regular P.E. class. The P.E. class has a rotating emphasis on primarily non-competitive exercise and conditioning activities such as biking, jogging, swimming, team sports, climbing, and track and field.

Team Sports

Dunn Middle School is part of the Santa Ynez Valley Middle School League. The Dunn School campus has exceptional facilities for year-round athletics including a gym, heated swimming pool, six tennis courts, climbing walls, and multiple sites for baseball and field sports. Depending on student interest and our ability to field teams, girls and boys may have the opportunity to compete during volleyball, basketball and tennis seasons. Single-day events such as the annual "Try-athlon" (jogging, swimming, biking) and Track Meet allow other avenues for competitive sports.

Outdoor Activities

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities. Our six-week enrichment programs offer activities like surfing, snorkeling, climbing, biking, kayaking and hiking, allowing students to discover new passions.

In addition to regular enrichments, students can participate in day trips to ski, surf, kayak and snorkel. At the end of each year, the entire Middle School spends a day biking between Los Olivos and Los Alamos for the 40-mile "Piece o' Cake Bike Ride."

Middle School Athletics

Volleyball (girls)
Swimming (co-Ed )
"Try-athalon" (co-ed)

Winter 1
Basketball (boys & girls)
Tennis (girls & boys) 
"Reindeer Run" (co-ed)

Volleyball (boys)
Valley-wide Track Meet (co-ed)
"Piece o' Cake Bike Ride"