Upper School

Our Spring season is here, with team sports and activities in full swing.


All Upper School Team games are included on this easy to use Calendar. Add it to your personal or family calendar for easy reference.



2017 ​Spring​ ​​Team Sports​

Boys​ ​Baseball​ ​(Varsity)
Coaches: David Lawrence, Josh Roberts
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Boys​ ​Lacrosse​ ​(Varsity)
Coaches: Mike McKee, Meg Watson

Girls Lacrosse (Varsity)
Coaches: Christina Ferrara, Mandy Taylor-Gratzer

Girls​ ​Softball (Recreational)
Coach: Takita Zavalla

Boys​ ​Tennis​ ​(Varsity)
Coaches: Craig Linghan, David McCoy

Boys​ ​Volleyball​ ​(Varsity)​
​Coach: Laura Marcus

Boys Volleyball (Junior Varsity)
Coach: Amanda Milholland

2017 Spring Non-team Activity

Crossfit (recreational)
Coordinators: Jenni Smith, Eric Stanchfield

Visit our Athletics Calendar to see the most up-to-date listings of all Upper School team sports.