Moving away from home can be a new and unsettling experience. But our little community feels like a big family, ready to welcome you in.

As a residential student, you'll learn as much outside of the classroom as you will inside it. On Mondays and Fridays, students run our all-school assembly. Everyone eats lunch together in the dining hall or outside on the picnic tables. You'll check in with your advisor every day, ask a teacher to review your essay draft, or plan a fundraiser with your club—all in a day's work. Inspiring guest speakers give talks on campus. Community service activities offer something for everybody, and holiday celebrations and special traditions bring everyone together.

Residential Life

If you live at Dunn, your best friends are just down the hall. It's an adventure where you learn to become independent and responsible. Sure, you have chores and expectations—like a dorm job, laundry, and keeping your room clean. But you also have the freedom and excitement of living away from home.

Living at Dunn Prepares You for College.

When you get to college, other freshmen will be new to living in a dorm. But you'll already be a pro. You'll know how to manage your time and money and how to find the the balance between work and play. This advantage gives you a big head start toward making the most of your college years.

Is Living at Dunn Right For You?

Only you and your family know for sure. For many Dunn students, living on campus is a favorite part of their education. By living in the dorms with Dunn's resident faculty and other like-minded students in a tight community, you can find your own identity, develop your own passions, enjoy a 'home-away-from-home', and make friends for life. If you are adventurous, want a new experience, and see yourself participating in daily and weekend events, then living at Dunn could be perfect for you.

Weekends at Dunn

Weekends are filled with a lot of activities for all our students. You and your friends will have too much to choose from!

Upper school team sports games are usualy on Saturdays, so you may compete at home or away, or cheer on classmates as they go up against rival schools. After sports, you might go swimming, jam in the music house, see a movie screening in the library, work on your project in the art studio, or go to a theme party in the dorms.

Other days, you might visit a nearby beach, hit the mountains for a bike ride, go shopping in Santa Barbara, eat sushi nearby, or stroll to Los Olivos for a smoothie and a sandwich with your friends.

You'll also chat with faculty families, or you might babysit their children. Love dogs? You'll spot faculty canines out for a walk on weekends. Some students attend worship services, and most kids on campus Facetime with their families. Of course, you'll probably do some laundry, too.

Students plan weekend events with the Student Activities Coordinator to create a schedule of fun events. Have a favorite passion? Suggest an event and get your friends together for whatever you enjoy.

Where Do You Get Stuff?

Just across the road from the Dunn campus is the Los Olivos Grocery. A gourmet market that includes a deli and cafĂ©, "L.O.G." also carries some household items, food and personal care products, many geared toward our residential students. Students can visit Los Olivos Grocery during their free time, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.


The best thing about Dunn is you always have friends to do things with. Seriously, no matter what you like to do, you can do it at Dunn.

—Student, '14