Earwig Inc. Students Present Marketing Plan to Geller International

Dunn's Earwig Incorporated students recently demonstrated 21st Century business skills at a presentation that was the culmination of weeks of market research and planning.  Earwig Inc. students were tasked with a real world product market entry project, working with Dunn alumnus Jim Geller, founder and CEO of food import/export company Geller International. The product, salted fish skins, is an Asian product for which Geller International is the sole agent in the United States. The company is trying to expand the market for this product in the US domestic market.

Students worked in small teams to develop target customer profiles, social media marketing campaigns, and product packaging, among other marketing initiatives.  Each team's findings and proposals were unique, but there were also some common threads, such as the use of Influencers to market the product and the redesign of the product packaging to suit the US market.

You can watch the full presentation on Youtube here.  

Students gained real world market research presentation experience, complete with formal attire and (very positive!) feedback from Jim. The students were commended for their innovative ideas and for the new information that they brought to the product marketing effort. From here, students who are interested will be able to engage with Jim helping to address the distribution of the product throughout the US.

Interested in trying Geller International's salted fish skins? You can buy them on Amazon here.

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