The NatureTrack Film Festival is coming to Dunn School

The NatureTrack Film Festival — a Los Olivos-based film festival that offers local and global perspectives of the wonders of the natural world — will be hosting two separate film screenings at the Cindy Bronfman Leadership Center as part of its one-day live Festival on Saturday, Oct. 16.

The first screening at Dunn is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and will include the only local showing of Antarctica, a visually striking 45-minute BBC feature, as well as two shorter films, Korovadu and Light of the Night. At 8:30, the 53-minute feature In The Starlight will be shown.

To attend either or both screenings, visitors must reserve tickets online. The two screenings require separate tickets.

Learn more about the films below. 

Antarctica is a land of mystery, and yet what happens here affects every single one of us. With never-before-seen footage, our story brings audiences to the farthest reaches of this wild and majestic continent. It is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on Earth with the roughest oceans, and yet, weird and wonderful creatures thrive here in astounding abundance. Antarctica is the perfect fit for the Giant Screen.

In the Starlight: While the rest of the world is sleeping, photographer Paul Zizka ventures into the wilderness in search of the world's starriest skies, from his home among the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the wild, desert dunes of Namibia and the remote ice caps of Greenland. Paul works to balance his passion for photography with his devotion to family, capturing the night skies and reflecting on what his time spent under the stars has taught him about life, love, adventure, and our place in the universe.

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