Dunn's Earwig Gets Moment in the Sun

It's no secret that Dunn School has an unusual sports nickname. Few schools would pick an obscure insect like the Earwig as their face of their athletics teams. 

The Los Angeles Times took notice this summer and featured the mighty mascot in a recent story on California's unusual sports team names.

The Dunn School Earwigs were mentioned alongside such unusual and iconic college mascots as the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and the UC Irvine Anteaters, as well as other uniquely named high school teams like the Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles in Concord and the Live Oak School Acorns in Morgan Hill.

Dunn is featured prominently at the end of the piece, including the story of an April Fools joke that Head of School Mike Beck played on high school students during assembly one Spring, when he announced that he was changing the school's sports teams to the Dunn School Lady Bugs.

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