Earth Day Teach-in Engages Students in Sustainability

Even though Earth Day is officially on April 22, Dunn celebrated the annual event today with an afternoon of food, fun and hands-on learning. 

Organized by sustainability co-coordinators Beth McCoy and Meg West, the event pulls the Upper and Middle School students together to learn about current issues and practices for more sustainable living.

This year, the event featured upper-class students preparing workshops for their classmates. These lessons and activities included sessions on invasive species, sustainable diets, human dominance, and "Earth Day Jeopardy." Other activities were centered on ecological art projects, environment-friendly lifestyles, and farm-to-table cooking.

Scott Simon, the Education Outreach Program Manager from UCSB's Marine Science Institute, was the keynote speaker for the day to address local, observable changes that climate change has impacted—including a humorous activity about abalone reproduction.

Dunn is also preparing the campus to be accredited as an arboretum, so students also identified and tagged various species of trees on campus.

Lunch featured an amazing farm-to-table buffet crafted by Chef Robin Reynolds and her Dunn Kitchen crew from locally sourced meats and vegetables. Music students provided a live jazz performance during lunch as well.

For photos from the day, as well as a video of the jazz performance, go to the School's Instagram page.

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