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Fast Facts About Dunn


5 : 1   Student : Faculty/Staff Ratio

12   Average Class Size

20   Minutes to the beautiful California coast

100%   Percentage of classrooms that open directly onto outdoor space

56% / 44%   Percent of boarding students / day students at the upper school

12    Number of enrichments that students at the middle school take per year

4   Dormitories on campus (Upper School)

300+   Days of sunshine on campus per year!

9   National Parks in California-- more than any other state!  We visit many of them during our outdoor ed trips!

3 / 3000   Number of pigs on campus / pounds of campus food waste the pigs consume per year (keeping it out of the landfill!)

2,000,000   Acres of National Forest accessible from Los Olivos

45%   Students of Color

184 / 73   Number of students at the upper school / number of students at the middle school

12   Dunn Outdoor Ed trips per year...and those are just the big trips-- that doesn't include day and weekend trips!

7   Average number of days per week that our students enjoy fresh, local avocados

14   Nations represented

80+    Miles our 8th graders bike during the annual Ride of Passage

365    Days our outdoor pool remains open per year



Middle School Classrooms

There's no back row in a Dunn School classroom with an average class size of  12.  Classrooms are designed for small, seminar-style classes and open directly to the outdoors.

Baseball Field

Dunn has the premier baseball field and training facility in the region, completely rebuilt and opened in 2015.

The best way to learn about Dunn is to see it for yourself!  Contact us to set up an appointment to visit Dunn or to speak with an Admissions Representative.


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