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Dunn is a community of entrepreneurs – since its founding in 1957, Dunn School’s motto, Ne Tentes Aut Perfice (attempt not, but achieve), has fostered an entrepreneurial mindset throughout the Dunn community and facilitated the creation of many successful entrepreneurs and changemakers.

For the past decade, Dunn has been at the leading edge of entrepreneurial education; students have started businesses, invested real money, and run a store through our Earwig Incorporated program. But, now the ground is ripe for the next stage of entrepreneurship’s evolution at Dunn. The Robert W. Jurgensen Entrepreneurship Program is this next stage. The program expands the current entrepreneurship classes into a project based entrepreneurial program and major to help students showcase their mastery as entrepreneurs.




Jurgensen's Investors and Philanthropists

This course allows students to manage a $300,000 account of Dunn School’s endowment and learn how to allocate capital within the framework of a proven long-term investing philosophy. Students also have the opportunity to engage with committed philanthropists and will complete projects with real-world applications with the support of devoted adults and business partners.

Jurgensen's Toolkit

This full-year course is split into two complementary but distinct business curricula: Jurgensen’s Market and the Earwig Café and Profitable Problem Solving. Students will spend one trimester deeply immersed in management of the School’s various retail businesses. The other two trimesters will be spent learning how make a profit and solve the problems through the lens of entrepreneurship, business consulting, and investment management.


A Special Gift

This program would not exist without the innovative entrepreneurship courses that were taught at Dunn in the late 1970’s by iconic teacher and business manager Bob Jurgensen. One of Mr. Jurgensen’s former students — Michael Boone, who became a global entrepreneur and change agent — has funded the expansion and re-branding of the existing entrepreneurial program. Mike’s gift is just the beginning of a long-range strategy of expressing gratitude to teachers like Bob who have changed the lives of Mike and other students at Dunn. Fitting for his entrepreneurial success, Boone’s initial gift has created the Bob Jurgensen Entrepreneurship Major, which has kicked off with the first new course of a re-branded and expanded program being offered as of summer 2022.

Former Dunn School teacher Bob Jurgensen inspired generations of entrepreneurs with his ingenious classes and bold teaching style.