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Meeting the Stud Buddy founder & personifying the entrepreneur's mindset

The first project we had to work on was an interview, similar to Guy Raz’s podcast, How I built This. We were to find an entrepreneur that we personally knew and interview them to learn more about their process in creating their product. My group's interviewee was Collin Bernsen, the founder of the Stud Buddy. The Stud Buddy is used to find studs in walls so you know where to nail things in. It is used for decorating rooms and hanging up paintings and pictures.

Having an Entrepreneur's Mindset

One of the things I really wanted to have during my year in an American high school was taking business classes. Learning about entrepreneurship, business management, investment management, and marketing are some of my fields of interest, and I have to say, Dunn School did not disappoint. Dunn offers several business classes under the Robert W. Jurgensen Entrepreneurship Program.

Product Development: Creating our own Kombucha

The Jurgensen's Toolkit program has offered me the opportunity to understand what goes into making a business. Projects I have worked on helped me with design thinking and adaptability.

My favorite project we have done so far was the product development project - brew and market your own brand of kombucha.

Why I love the Robert W. Jurgensen Entrepreneurship Program

You might wonder why a French student would travel all across the world to end up at a high school in a small rural valley on the central coast of California. 

I was drawn to the unique Robert W. Jurgensen Entrepreneurship Program.