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New and exciting curriculum designed
to meet students where they want to learn
Curriculum specialist Will Grant held sessions with Dunn students to help them express what they wanted to learn. 
Dunn students worked together to form classes that would speak directly to their interests. 
Innovation Grant Spurs New Ideas

In the second half of the 2021-22 school year, Dunn set up sessions for students to ideate. The topic: Design elective classes that you would enroll in. Consultant Will Grant led students on a journey to put their interests into words, and those were shared with our current and incoming faculty to help inform innovative new courses funded by a special grant. Learn more about some of those classes below — with more on the way!  

Learning STEM through auto racing simulation

The MIE Racing Program combines STEM curriculum with video game-based play that teaches science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Topics such as thermodynamics — the relationship between pressure, volume, and temperature — are then directly applied in an auto-racing simulation that requires students to work together to learn collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking — just like a real race team.   


Shingo Lavine, Adjunct NFT Teacher

NFTs and Cryptocurrency

Non Fungible Tokens or NFT's are a way for people to express themselves in a completely digital space. By offering the school's first digital art students will experience true, 21st Century innovation.

Taught by cryptocurrency expert and entrepreneur Shingo Lavine, students will begin the course with a deep dive into what NFT's are, how they are made, how they are sold, the environmental impact of them, and most importantly how they are backed by the blockchain. Students will present their findings in their first presentation of the course.

Gary Thorne, Adjunct Sports Journalism Teacher

Sports Journalism from a Pro

Taught by longtime Major League Baseball commentator Gary Thorne, the sports journalism course introduces students to the concept of journalism, its history, and how that concept applies to sports coverage across various media. Students are actively involved in producing projects ranging from writing to broadcasting and the use of social media. The first trimester students founded and produce Dunn School's sports media blog Wigspin.  

Gil Griffin, Author and Director of Communication Studies

A complete Speech & Debate Program

The Dunn Speech program includes a Speech and Debate class, Model UN Club, and a regional speech tournament launching in 2023 as the inaugural MLK Speech and Debate Invitational honoring the legacy and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the classroom, there are three “tracks” that students can take: Speech, Oral Interpretation, and Debate. In Speech competitors craft a persuasive and/or informative speech and then present it to a series of judges. Depending on the specific event these speeches are either written on the spot or carefully curated over the year. In the Oral Interpretation events competitors take pieces of literature and poetry and present their interpretation of them in a 10-minute scene either by themselves or with a partner. In Debate students work as a team to prove their side of an argument against another team or another school.