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Welcome from Kalyan Balaven, Head of School

Dear Dunn Community,

I'm excited to welcome all of you to a new and vibrant school year at Dunn School. Our Upper School and Middle School handbooks will provide you a glimpse into Dunn with an overview of our mission, core values, and curriculum — but they will stop short of the whole story. This is one that can only be experienced in the intensity of the inspiration felt by each student with their teachers, advisors, and coaches; felt in the spirit of community that reflects the real world with kindness and inclusion; and, finally, touched by the dedication of the members of the broader community as they support student passion and help students find fulfillment in their lives.

I'm happy you will get to experience all of this wrapped in a whole student package. Ever since this school was founded, this community has championed cultivating the whole student, and now whole student education is more important than it has ever been. As our world opens up from the pandemic and re-establishes a sense of normalcy, it will be time again for our students to be seen, heard, and validated as members of a thriving school community. This is integral to our whole student approach.

Tony Dunn founded Dunn School to prepare young people to go out in the world and do good. To this end, he focused on creating a school centered on whole student education, where students are able to become the best version of themselves. Tony did this with the sheer force of his personality, and since then, Dunn has adopted core values that systematize the methodology of our founder, so that whole student education can be captured in real learning outcomes. 

Emotional Wellness, Physical Readiness, Intellectual Growth, Social Responsibility, and Moral Courage are core values that speak to the essence of the Dunn School experience. Student development in each of these helps them be prepared to fulfill the mission, which is taking on a life of learning and responsible leadership in society. Students will take their first steps in that leadership at Dunn, so that they are ready to leap when they leave and change the world as they bound.

Kalyan Balaven
Head of School

Kalyan Balaven

Head of School


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