Whole Student Education

School is an all-encompassing experience-- a transformational time to explore bold ideas, challenge yourself, and make new friends from around the world.  School fuels your curiosity and ignites your passions-- it provides every tool needed to help build the strongest foundation of knowledge and skills. You'll learn to push yourself, both in the classroom and beyond, with the expert guidance and caring support of faculty and staff members and the extraordinary community that is Dunn.  

For nearly 60 years, Dunn has stayed true to its mission to educate the whole student. To accomplish this, the entire community is committed to understanding and living by the following core values: Emotional Wellness, Physical Readiness, Intellectual Growth, Social Responsibility, and Moral Courage.  

You can read more about each core value below, and we are also including a link to a great article about Whole Student Education from the National Association of Independent Schools here.

Emotional Wellness

  • I take time for personal reflection and find joy in life.
  • I appreciate the harmony and the beauty of nature.
  • I care for my emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • I seek and accept help when I am or others are in emotional or spiritual need.
  • I understand the nature of change in the world and try my best to adapt.
  • I find time to laugh and share my delight within the community.

Physical Readiness

  • I am emotionally, spiritually, and physically fit and care for my emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.
  • I care for my physical well-being and am responsible for my physical health.
  • I understand the importance of my personal health in relation to living a balanced life.
  • I strive to understand the importance of proper nutrition and rest in my daily life.
  • I have a personal fitness plan and try to develop lifetime physical fitness skills and habits.
  • In organized sports, I am a positive team member, physically prepared to compete and I always demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Intellectual Growth

  • I love learning and teaching and appreciate my gifts as both a learner and a teacher.
  • I find encouragement and support in how I learn and teach from the Dunn School community.
  • I am creative and open to new ideas and taking risks in order to learn and teach.
  • I contribute to a rigorous and stimulating learning and teaching environment.
  • I take responsibility for my intellectual development. 
  • I strive for mastery in my learning and teaching.

Social Responsibility

  • I care for the well-being of each person in the community.
  • I have and show compassion for others.
  • I value the many differences and similarities among people and affirm our interdependency.
  • I serve others and I am generous with my time, talent and resources.
  • I strive and encourage others to continuously improve our community and the world.
  • I am a steward of the earth and care for our physical environment.
  • I support Dunn School's Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Moral Courage

"Again, reforming education is important.  But getting the academics right is not going to get you far if millions of students can't control their impulses, can't form attachments, don't possess resilience and lack social and emotional skills."  -Lori L. Desautels and Michael McKnight (excerpt from Unwritten).

  • I am honest and truthful.
  • I choose "the good" among difficult choices.
  • I seek to set the example for others to follow.
  • I am responsible and accountable for my actions and interactions within the community.
  • I am committed to making fair decisions for myself and support fair decisions within the community.
  • I strive to develop a personal vision for my future and set goals to achieve it.
  • I persevere when faced with adversity and have the courage to try again.

The Dunn School Mission

The Dunn School community educates whole students to their fullest potential in preparation for a life of learning and responsible leadership in society.