He Came for Baseball But Found Much More


Sophomore Cade Ford loves baseball.

He grew up in nearby Nipomo, California, and heard about Dunn's growing reputation in the California baseball scene—and its amazing baseball field and practice facility—through his Pony League coach. So he decided to come to campus for a visit.

"I loved the campus," he said of his first trip. "It was beautiful, amazing, and I knew immediately that I wanted to get in."

"Find yourself in the community and things will go well for you."

Cade came to Dunn Upper School as a 9th grader and, like all freshmen, had to learn the ropes.

"Coming to school, I was a very quiet person," he says, "but then I started making friends and became more social. Once you learn to make friends, you'll fit in at Dunn."

"Even though I'm a day student"—he carpools 70 miles each day to and from school—"I like to hang out in the dorms with friends from around the world, to learn about where they are from."

Cade gets playing time on the baseball diamond, but he has connected in the classroom. "Teachers really want to help you, if you're open to it," he observed.

What advice does he give new students at Dunn?  "Don't be shy. Be open to other people. Find yourself in the community and things will go well for you."