Theo Brown Finds His Fit at Dunn School

Theo Brown grew up in Los Olivos, the small town in Santa Barbara County where Dunn is located. But coming to Dunn wasn't an automatic decision for him and his family.

On the first day of school, however, he knew immediately that he had made a good choice.

"I felt a strong community here," the Upper School junior says, "and when I first came to campus I knew I wanted to be a part of it."

"I've definitely found my fit at Dunn School ... I've really found 'my people,' my own community here."

Theo is a great student, but when not in class he focuses on competitive fencing. He competes at the state and national level and has fenced—and won—against college competitors. His enthusiasm for fencing has attracted other Dunn students to the sport, opportunities they might not have had without his leadership.

When asked what he likes most about Dunn, however, he points "the passion of every single teacher." 

Theo Brown Fencing"I'm engaged in every class," he says, "because the teachers really enjoy what they teach. Their passion is remarkable."

"I've definitely found my fit at Dunn School. I'm not naturally a social person, but I've really found 'my people,' my own community here," he says.

What advice does he give incoming students?

"Don't wall yourself off from other students. Reach out to people. Go beyond yourself."