On the Court and in Class: Michelle Guo Found Her Fit

When Xiuyu “Michelle” Guo came to Dunn from Shenzhen, China, her parents expected her study hard and focus on her academics. And she has done just that, becoming an excellent student in Dunn’s challenging classes, even though English is not her first language.

What her parents didn’t expect, however, is that their daughter would develop into a talented starter on the Girls Varsity Basketball team.

“I didn’t play any athletics in middle school,” Michelle says. “But when I got to Dunn, I met some junior and seniors students who were into sports. So I tried out for basketball, and now I’m a starter!”

“My parents were really surprised,” she adds with twinkle in her eye.

But her athletics hasn’t distracted her from her academics.

“You can really find your fit and pursue your passions at Dunn. You can find a place for you.”

“Dunn is in a little town away from the big city, so you can really focus on academics,” she explains. “It’s a pure environment without many distractions where I focus on my studies.”

“And the people here are so nice. It feels like home here, not a big institution,” she says.

Even though Dunn is located in a sparsely populated area of Santa Barbara County, Michelle appreciates the diversity of Dunn’s student body and programs.

“You can really find your fit and pursue your passions at Dunn,” she says. “You can find a place for you.”

Now that she is a junior at Dunn, she has advice for younger students who come to Dunn: “Go try everything. Make the most of your free time. It’s all about who you are as a person, where you fit in, and where you find your passion.”


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