Dunn Middle School (DMS) offers grades 6-8 an education unparalleled in engaging the mind, body and spirit.

The school's motto—Carpe Diem—encourages students to experiment widely and experience deeply the new experiences that their teachers will introduce.

In history classes and language arts, for example, students learn the crafts of the historian and the writer from the inside out, through reenactments, role playing and storytelling.

Math classes regularly relate problems to real life experience, teaching students how to apply what they learned in addition to knowing fundamental skills.

In science classes, students design and conduct their own experiments, thus gaining a deeper understanding of scientific principles at work in the world.

And Dunn's unique elective "Enrichment" courses offer students dozens of ways to try something new, spark a passion, and stretch their comfort zone—from surfing to sewing, kite-making to the kazoo marching band. 

The School intentionally integrates Dunn's core values throughout the curriculum, both in and out of the classroom. Pursuit of academic excellence is balanced with emotional wellness, physical readiness, moral courage and social responsibility. And students participate in their assessment on their growth in each of these areas.

Dunn Middle School is a unique experience. Come for a visit and see for yourself.

We don’t know the meaning of the word ‘passive’ here. We take satisfaction in seeing our students excited to learn something new every day.

—Simon Sweeney
Middle School Director