Learning Strategies


Students often say they "learned how to learn" at Dunn Middle School.  These vital "middle" years are the foundation for your child's academic future. In our attentive environment, Dunn teachers ensure that all students master the study skills and productive habits that will carry them through high school, college, and beyond.
Each middle school student embraces accountability by learning to organize their own homework and maintain a weekly academic planner. Students learn how to ask an adult for help, manage their time, study for tests, approach long-term projects, take notes, work in a group, and present their projects in clear and polished ways.

For students who have a diagnosed learning difference, Dunn's nationally-regarded Learning Strategies Program is available at the Middle School (for an additional fee). Support is provided by an experienced learning specialist in a private or small group setting. The program emphasizes organizational skills and teaches classroom behaviors and study skills that help students meet with greater academic success. The learning strategies specialist stays in regular contact with classroom teachers and parents to ensure that the student's individual needs are being addressed.

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