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Middle School Boarding Program

The 8th grade boarding program is housed in a small, coed dorm just steps away from the middle school. Domestic and international students are integrated within life at the middle school during school hours, and participate in all aspects of the student program including sports, trips and special events. Outside of school hours, students have access to all Dunn School facilities and enjoy meals prepared in our award-winning dining hall.

Bliss House is a cottage-style dorm with a faculty family and two wings-- one for male students and one for female students. Bliss House residents share 2-3 person bedrooms, separate bathrooms, and have a shared, comfortable lounge room. Every school night, students complete evening study hall in the dorm under the helpful tutelage of their dorm parents and faculty family. 

As part of the integration into boarding school, and potentially the USA, 8th grade boarding students are exposed to a wide variety of activities during their time at Dunn. These include art classes, rock climbing, museum visits, kayaking, biking, local trips and more!