Welcome from Simon Sweeney, Head of Dunn Middle School

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. —Margaret Mead

At Dunn Middle School, we do not subscribe to the notion that school needs to be overly serious, or that the volume of work given to students equates to academic rigor. Students will be presented with an engaging, relevant, and challenging curriculum in all classes that aims to develop and maintain the love of learning. 

The middle years of schooling are the most dynamic and exciting period of development for young people. Students are often in a stage of transition—from a wide-eyed elementary school student, to a moody teenager ready to take on the world. Students’ passions, sense of self, and methods of working are in a fluid state; our role in aiding the development of young students is to act as guides. This is a time for students to learn how to learn. We do not believe in teaching to the test, nor that a student’s mind is an empty vessel to be filled with facts and figures. Students will be presented with an engaging and challenging curriculum that will foster intellectual curiosity. 

Every aspect of Dunn Middle School is linked to preparing students for a life of learning and responsible leadership in society. We expect them to make poor decisions on occasion, and we believe that failure is often the road to success. This failure is used to frame individual challenges, and work towards overcoming them.  Trial and error is an important means of learning – middle school students are supposed to explore and push the limits a little bit.  We help them learn from bad decisions, and we celebrate good decisions and accomplishments. A strong partnership with parents is the key to our success. Together we can support and nurture our next generation. 

Carpe Diem!    
Simon Sweeney, Head of Dunn Middle School

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