Dunn Blog Explores Whole Student Education

On the first Friday of every month, Head of School Mike Beck is speaking with parents about the future of whole student education at Dunn School. On September 7, he welcomed nearly 30 parents, both on campus and online, to the first such conversation about "Learning to Lead your Teen." 

Now, Dunn is launching a blog to capture Mr. Beck's thoughts, as well as perspectives from other academic leaders at Dunn, about how we can best prepare students for the "changing and challenging" landscapes (as Beck puts it) they will face in their lifetimes.

Most importantly, we hope to start a conversation with those within and beyond Dunn about what the future demands of today's approaches to whole student education. Access and follow the blog below, and feel free to comment on what you find there.

Whole Student Education at Dunn 

Have an idea for a topic or a question you would like our faculty to address? Email it to communications@dunnschool.org and we'll address it.


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