Receiver of Head Scratches, Giver of Unconditional Love

Education: Certified as a Canine Good Citizen, American Kennel Club, and training to be a certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International.

Hometown:  Solvang, California

Started at Dunn: 2015

Life before Dunn: Sweet Home Labradoodles (Orcutt, California)

What interest do you have that most people just don't understand? Chasing shadows – birds, butterflies, airplanes … anything in the sky!

What are you obsessed with?  Chasing shadows

Where's your happy place?  Besides chasing shadows? Walking around campus with my person, Alice, helping students relax when they get stressed out about tests, friends and life.

Who was your favorite teacher and what did they teach you?  Ms. Alice Berg taught me how to pay attention, to focus, and to not chase shadows  whenever I want.

What's the Key to a Child's Education? Unconditional love. If you have a hard day, stop by for your daily dose. I’ll be there to listen patiently without judgment.