The arts and enrichment curriculum at Dunn Middle School is recognized for its unique blend of traditional and non-traditional offerings.

Each day at DMS, students of all grade levels have the opportunity to receive instruction in visual and performing arts. 

Music, Art & Drama

Music classes allow students to learn the basics of reading music, understanding rhythm, and develop skills on traditional band instruments as well as percussion and guitar.

Art classes are varied in their approaches and include foundational art classes, sketching, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, 3D arts, ceramics, jewelry making and photography.

Drama is offered as a stand-alone course as well as being integrated into academic classes, equipping students with tools to develop their acting, personal, and public speaking skills. Classes  include both improv and scripted productions.

The first thing I tell other parents is how amazing the enrichment classes are. It’s incredible how many new things my daughter has tried.

—Parent '15