Leadership comes more naturally to some people than others. But as the social scientific study of leadership has become more in-depth in recent years, we now know that leadership—as a set of skills, capacities and mindsets—can be taught and learned, even as young as high schoolers. 

In conjunction with Jay Conger, Professor of Leadership at Claremont McKenna College, Dunn developed a leading-edge leadership development program wherein students master essential skills and attitudes for successful leadership.

The multi-pronged program begins in the 9th grade with students learning how to "lead themselves." This involves such basic skills as goal-setting, time management and self-reflection. With that foundation, students move on to learning how to lead others through seminar classes specifically geared to teach relevant, high-impact, team-based leadership capabilities. By their senior year, students are learning about the impact of leadership on their local communities and their impact on the broader world.

The program is supported by several other initiatives at Dunn: Outdoor education, student leadership opportunities, international travel, and community service.

Dunn teaches you to step up and build a better world. The Dunn mindset is that one person can do anything so dream big.

Student ‘13